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Hotel Booking in city Vartej

While visiting City Vartej you might wanted to explorer near by tourist areas to visit. You can plan your Vartej tours by two ways 1. Planning for 1 day tour in City Vartej or Planning for multiple days tour in City Vartej . For option 2 you need to book a hotel if you are traveling to a new city where you don’t have any place to stay. For Vartej hotel booking we recommend you to visit this website to compare all Vartej hotels in your budget before booking.

We also recommend you to not to pay your Hotel booking full amount in fact make partial payment or select "Pay at Hotel" option. This would be helpful in case if you had change of mind. While booking hotel in city Vartej most important thing to check is hotel check in/check out time. For your own convenient you should select a hotel which allow 24hrs check in /check out facility. Generally hotels near your railways stations are slightly expensive. Try to walk around to get best hotel deal. You can book hotels in advance here.Book Hotels Online

Taxi Booking in city Vartej

Taxi booking in city Vartej can be very tricky. You need to make sure you don't rely only on Hotel taxi service, they generally charge much higher amount than prevailing rates. You can try Vartej booking taxi online which would be much cheaper than hotel taxi service. If you are not finding Vartej on online taxi booking website then you should walk around your hotel, try to talk to local guy about taxi service in Vartej and always negotiate before hiring. You should note taxi number safely in case you decided to hire one. This is required for you own safety at a lesser known tourist spot. We recommend this website for taxi booking. Book Taxi Online

Local Shopping in City Vartej

If you really enjoy shopping plus wanted to take back some memorable gift for yourself and family members from Vartej. Local shopping can be good idea. Usual tips for shopping in Vartej would be not to rely on Taxi driver recommendation they are usually attached to specific shops to get "kickbacks" on your shopping amount or may be a flat fee. You can search for Vartej local shopping center on your smart mobile phone or ask hotel reception about it. Never purchase expensive items at tourist spot. Don’t buy too many things which are difficult to carry!



Kheri is a town present in the district of Lakimpur Kheri. Kheri is present in the state of Uttar Pradesh, as this place has the number of attractions attracting the people. The prayer made in Kheri mosques are familiar and is Eid prayer. Kheri is knowable for antiquity, and also holds the tine tomb; the tomb was built above the remains of Saiyid, who passed away by 1563. Also Kheri is familiarly knowable, and people do visit here for the presence of mosques. This place is located at the 27.9 degree N and 80.8 degree E. Kheri has the popular railway station too, whereby the trains halt and stops here too. Century express, Nainital express are some trains pass through this junction.


1. How to reach padadhari from vartej?

Ans - There are multiple trains availble for padadhari to vartej Journey. Some popular trains are 59208.

2. What are trains running on daily basis from padadhari to vartej?

Ans - These are trains running on daily basis - 59208.

3. What is time of first train in morning for padadhari to vartej?

Ans - First train starts at 05:12 from padadhari station.

4. What is time of last train in night for padadhari to vartej?

Ans - Last train starts at 05:12 from padadhari station.

Did you know

Total 1 trains are available for padadhari to vartej train Journey.

Fastest train for padadhari to vartej train Journey is , which takes aprox hrs to reach vartej.

You can travel from padadhari to vartej in class for only rs <>. This fare is lowest for this route. However other classes would be costing you 1A = Rs XYZ, 2A= Rs XYZ etc

Nearby stations to Goa are <1>, <2>, <3>.

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