What is IRCTC ?

Login to IRCTC Next Gen to book your tickets online.IRCTC Stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited. This railway transportation came into existence even before the Independence. But our government renamed it as IRCTC after independence. This website entirely changed the phase of railway ticketing in India. It brought out the concept of E-ticketing meaning internet based rail ticket booking with the assistance of it and also with various mobile services like GPRS or SMS.
IRCTC login helps daily commuters to get their online reservation done trouble- free. They just once need to make their User IDs with secret password and it will be created easily with which they can enter their login details using same User Id and password anytime and anywhere without any complications.
With this program, passengers can take advantage of discounts on the tickets booked round the year by paying a small annual fee. Passengers who sometimes plan their journeys at short notice or urgently can also book their e- tatkal tickets online with IRCTC without even standing in a long queue for hours. The tatkal counter opens sharp at 10, this website becomes little heavy in morning, but if you have IRCTC login details, then you may get your reservation done in much less time.

How to Book IRCTC Tickets?

IRCTC is the online services offered by Indian Railways keeping in mind the convenience of passengers. This online service provides you the best updated information regarding the trains, their seat availability, origin, destination, train schedule etc. The websites gets updated every minute to best and accurate information. The IRCTC ticket booking is a feature that lets you to sit at home and plan your journey accordingly. Once the journey is planned you can access to the website and follow the procedure:

Click on plan your travel for IRCTC ticket booking and fill information like:



Date of journey


Then, click Find trains. Once you click on Find trains the list of all available trains appears for the particular route. the list flashes with all the detailed information like train number, train name, number of days it runs in a week, on what days, different classes etc. It also has the option to select train and class of seat then the seat availability appears along with an option of get booking. Click on get booking fill information like name, age, sex etc and make payments by debit or credit card. the moment you make payments tickets get booked and you get soft copy and an sms on given mobile number.

IRCTC Ticket Availability

A source that provides all the information that can plan your travel and makes easy for you to travel and have comfortable journey is the official website of Indian Railways. Everyday more than 17 million passengers travel form one point to another point in India. India is known to have the busiest railway routes with ten thousand running trains every day. IRCTC seat availability is platform from where a passenger can gather all the information required. The information can be gained by accessing the website and entering all the details regarding travel like, date of journey, origin, destination and kind of booking whether tatkal or general. Once you enter the information and submit the new page flashes with the detailed information of trains and their timings, class of seats etc.
As the page flashes the passenger can choose the train accordingly and then the class of seat such as: sleeper/3AC etc. The page again reloads and gives the detail of number of seats available or waiting list etc. Moreover after getting the details it also provides you services to book tickets for journey and make payments by using debit card and credit card.

IRCTC Tatkal Tickets

Tatkal scheme has turned out to be a blessing for passenger who does not get their tickets booked in advance. The service was earlier available on reservation counters but due to introduction of technology and need of hour, increasing load as well it was made available online. The scheme offers all the Express and Mail, moreover, it provides option to choose among the class available and other general information that is needed to be filled.
Passengers are single click away from Tatkal Online Scheme. The Tatkal Scheme opens before one day of journey. Passenger can access to official website of Indian Railway. It can be accessed from any computer having internet. The scheme opens for travelers at 10 a.m. every morning and for the travel agents and authorized e-ticket agents of railway at 12p.m. every day.
The tatkal scheme online has some formalities that needs to be fulfilled by the passenger while making bookings. The information consist identity of person with photo. It could be Voter i.d card issued by Election Commission of India, PAN card, Passport etc. The scheme has some extra charges that are subjected to the norms of Indian Railways. These charges differ on different class of booking. The charges are nominal and reasonable for providing urgent facilities.